Training Academy

We pay our respects to the Elders Past, Present and Future and to the Traditional Custodians of the Land and further acknowledge the important role that Indigenous Australians continue to have within our communities.

Weilwun works in partnership with Indigenous people and traditional Custodians to make continued sustainable improvements for Indigenous people. The commitment from Weilwun to provide Indigenous employment opportunity was the driver that motivated the development of the training arm of the business.

There is a deep cultural understanding of the communication and mentoring pathways required to support the participation of Indigenous people in business and employment. With the ideology of ‘job first, training second’, our clients can trust that we are committed to providing quality opportunities and successful employment outcomes.

One of Weilwun’s key strategies to recruit and develop the Indigenous workforce is to provide accredited training through the Weilwun Training Academy, wider mining, civil, construction and waste recycling sectors Trainees undertaking the program have access to industry-recognised mentors and supervisors to ensure their maintained improvement and ongoing learning, and facilities such as state-of-the-art simulators. Upon successful completion of the Training Academy, trainees can expect long-term, guaranteed employment with Weilwun or within the wider mining, civil, and construction sectors.

Weilwun Training Academy works in partnership with several key educational departments to also offer mentorship and guidance to trainees and students seeking employment in a vast range of industries including business, finance, health, agriculture, food and beverage, technology, hospitality, and more.